💦 So What 💦

This Mizuoka Nobuyuki Group May Day performance of “So What” still fascinates and entertains me some 14 years after the event took place. It obviously has much to do with the carefree synergy the players display. Equally important, though, is the fact that this recording represents a far superior arrangement to the famous original by the great Miles Davis!

Sirius Contemplation

Let’s enjoy two solo live-house performances of the original melody “Sirius.” Composer-pianist Nobuyuki Mizuoka does not play even his own songs the same way twice — his music-making is a cosmically creative force, unbridled, abundant and free.

My Favorite Things

“My Favorite Things” is one of the most famous and widely recognized songs from composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein’s Broadway musical and Hollywood film “The Sound of Music.” The often-heard standard, much beloved in Japan, long ago became a permanent fixture of the cultural scene.

再会 Meet Again — Live

This Nobuyuki Mizuoka composition was performed solo by him on June 27, 2013. During certain informal live gigs at local venues around Tokyo, Mizuoka-san would habitually play 9 to 13 complete, original songs non-stop.

Life: Heading into a New World!

Here is a breathtaking original Nobuyuki Mizuoka composition that is the seventh track on his 2009 album “Life.” Mizuoka-san has a bottomless creative capability that may very well catapult him to great heights as an international-caliber composer-arranger.