Life in Caretta Shiodome!

Energetic and entertaining live music is celebrated in a flow of merrily candid photographs as Nobuyuki Mizuoka and his bandmates in the summer of 2012 perform Mizuoka’s beautiful original melody “Life” at a カレッタ汐留 / Caretta Shiodome outdoor music event in downtown Tokyo, Japan. 🇯🇵

The original music of “Life” was composed and arranged by Nobuyuki Mizuoka.

Nobuyuki Mizuoka Official Website
Mizuoka Nobuyuki Group on Youtube

The unique melodies of Composer-Pianist Nobuyuki Mizuoka are routinely featured in the background music of the TV-Asahi Channel’s weekly “秘湯ロマン (Hidden Hot Spring Romance)” program in Japan. Mizuoka-san has a bottomless creative capability that may very well catapult him to great heights as an international-caliber composer-arranger!

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