Originals Trifecta

Written and performed by Composer-Pianist Nobuyuki Mizuoka, these three melodies are a cross-border sampler of bossa-nova, Japanese traditional, and adagio styles.

Mizuoka-san has a bottomless creative capability that may very well catapult him to great heights as an international-caliber composer-arranger. And how wonderful it would be for that to happen in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!!

Nobuyuki Mizuoka 水岡のぶゆき Official Website: 

The unique melodies of Composer-Pianist Nobuyuki Mizuoka are routinely featured in the background music of the TV-Asahi Channel’s 秘湯ロマン (“Hitou Roman”— Hidden Hot Spring Romance) program in Japan. “Hitou Roman” was profiled in Yahoo News Japan in October 2018, the program’s 20th Anniversary Year:  https://tinyurl.com/yb6xpa52

NM@ JZ Brat, Shibuya

Live at JZ Brat in Shibuya, Tokyo

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