On a Streetcorner in Paris

I’m very sure that you will begin to reminisce about how lovely Paris used to be as you enjoy this pleasant song. The original melody「パリの街角で」— “Pari no machikado de” in Japanese — was composed and performed by Pianist Nobuyuki Mizuoka and is the fourth track of his 2005 solo album Home-bound.


Public-domain images featured in the video as well as the image above of the Pont Alexandre III deck arch bridge were sourced at Wikimedia Commons and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Mizuoka-san has a bottomless creative capability that may very well catapult him to great heights as an international-caliber composer-arranger. And how wonderful it would be for that to happen in time for the 2020 Olympics!

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Official Website:   http://mizuoka.com

The melodies of Composer-Pianist Nobuyuki Mizuoka are routinely featured in the background music of the TV-Asahi Channel’s weekly “秘湯ロマン (Hidden Hot Spring Romance)” program in Japan.

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